French Ring Dogs

French Ring is a sport that originated in France.  Due to its popularity in recent years you can now find competitors of this sport in countries all over the world.  The sport is dominated by the Belgian Malinois but one can also find excellent representatives amongst Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds, and other breeds.

French ring rules require the dog and handler to compete in several different areas.  Dogs and trainers are tested on their obedience skills and are put through the paces with heeling, downs, sits, and other advanced obedience exercises both on and off the leash.  The agility aspects of French Ring are impressive as the dogs are required to scale large walls and jump over long obstacles.  In the protection phase the dog is required to perform such tasks as an attack on a bad guy from long range, defending his owner, guarding an object, and other related behaviors.

A dog who competes in French Ring is truly an athlete in the dog world and the precision and correctness required by the sport are very high.  Dogs with a French Ring background are truly some of the best trained dogs on the planet.

While these dogs have a very high level of training we still enroll them into our conversion program to make their obedience and protection skills more real life for their new owners.  While a professional can handle a French Ring dog their training does not make them easy for any dog owner to manage.  Our conversion program takes their advanced training and translates it into something for someone that has ‘lay’ ability with dogs can handle.  What that means is that even the most inexperienced owners can soon be handling one of our dogs like a pro.

French Ring dogs still need heavy training to make them less equipment sensitive (essentially so they aren’t always looking for a bite suit in order to protect) and we also enroll them in our Remote Method in order to ensure that their new owners can have the utmost control.

French Ring is a very intense sport and we are able to make good use of this training to end up with the finished product of a trained protection dog.  Most of the dogs that we purchase to enroll in our program that have a French Ring background are Belgian Malinois though we do find some nice German Shepherds as well.