Attack Dogs

The term attack dog is one that is often misused.  Many will use the term attack dog when they are referring to a police dog, a trained protection dog, or any other dog that has been trained to use controlled aggression.  There are major differences, however, between attack dogs and police canines or protection dogs.

The term attack dog actually refers to a dog that is poorly socialized, poorly trained if at all, and a general menace and liability.  An attack dog is one that must stay in the yard because he can’t be trusted around family.  An attack dog is best suited to guard an area from intruders.

A term that is often used alongside attack dog is that of ‘junk yard dog’.  This dog must spend his time isolated from the general public.  He is in no way a protection dog as he can’t be close enough to a family to protect them.  His job is to roam dirty and filthy areas like junk yards to scare off and/or harm intruders that would come to steal.

Although trained protection dogs and trained police dogs are trained to attack on command they should not be lumped in the same category as an attack dog who has very little training and capacity for real protection.

At Protege K9 we do not deal with this type of dog as we don’t approve of the lives they lead nor the type of ownership required to have one of these dogs.