Available Dogs for Sale

We have several available protection dogs for sale. If you do not see the right dog for you please contact us. Because of our European contacts we have access to quality dogs at all times that we can custom import and enroll in the Protege K9 protection dog program.

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Ugi- Trained Protection Dog For Sale Level 3 German Shepherd

Ugi is one of the finest German Shepherds we’ve ever seen.  Even though he is enormous (just under 100 lbs) he’s fast and agile.  His obedience is incredibly precise and you don’t even need to invest in a leash with this dog, he’ll go anywhere with you and be completely under control without a leash.

He has earned, with high marks, his IPO II title and is very strong in all aspects of competition.

In his protection work you will be hard pressed to find a dog that hits the bad guy harder or bites stronger.  Your home immediately becomes much safer with Ugi inside.

Ugi is offered at $39,500

–SOLD, Living In Texas–


Iran- Trained German Shepherd for Sale Level 3 German Shepherd

Iran is a beautiful, sable male German Shepherd.  He comes to us from the Czech Republic as a working Police Dog.  He’s great with kids and other dogs and loves to please.

In protection Iran is like a bullet.  He comes in on the attack fast, launches from long distances, and hits the bad guy hard.  He definitely ‘throws himself’ into his work and loves it..

Iran is offered at $19,500

–SOLD, Living In Utah–

Bronco- Trained German Shepherd for Sale Level 1 German Shepherd

Bronco is a sable colored male German Shepherd Dog. Imported from Slovakia Bronco would make a welcome addition to any family. Bronco has a very fun personality and enjoys nothing more than playing with his people. Bronco would make a perfect companion for an active family.

In protection Bronco comes in for the bite fast and hits hard. He is ready to see to it that his family is safe from harm.

Bronco is offered at $11,900

–SOLD, Living In Costa Rica–

Level 2 German Shepherd

Ikar is a black German Shepherd Dog. A Slovak import Ikar is a BIG boy. Tall, long, and strong Ikar weighs in close to 100 pounds. Around the house Ikar likes nothing more than lounging around and enjoying a day with the family. If you ask him to, though, he is more than happy to play ball or chase around the yard.

In protection work Ikar makes his presence known. His deep bark and intense aggressive energy make it clear that one should keep moving on. Ikar would make the perfect protection dog for a family who values an exceptional personality, a fearsome aspect, and an all around great family companion.

Ikar is offered at $14,900

–SOLD, Living In Arkansas–

Level 3 Rottweiler

Rocco is truly a once in a lifetime Rottweiler.  Rarely does one come across a Rottweiler with his strength, stability, and sociability.  Around the house Rocco is a calm companion, always anxious to be next to his owners.  Take him out to play and he will happily chase a ball and wrestle.

In protection there are few dogs that can match Rocco in shear power.  His bite strength frequently causes extensive bruising during training sessions, even though the ‘bad guy’ is wearing a thick and heavy bite suit.  A criminal would be a fool to enter his home.

Rocco is offered at $35,000

–SOLD, Living In Utah–