Trained Protection Dogs – The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is truly one of the most versatile breeds in existence. There are very few activities at which they don’t excel. Their abilities stretch from the obedience field to the agility course to herding and more. With regards to their protective abilities they serve in the military, in police forces, and as trained protection dogs.

In character and personality the German Shepherd is affectionate and attentive. They are often quite playful and will happily play fetch or chase around the yard. A well trained German Shepherd is good with kids and can be quite tolerant of rough treatment, though children should be taught to be respectful.

This breed is often quite territorial and one must be careful not to have an ‘open household’ where strangers and guests alike are allowed or encouraged to enter without knocking or notice.  Their natural territorial characteristics, though, make them a ‘scary’ sight from behind a fence, wall, or window.

In protection, when called upon, the German Shepherd puts forth a strong display of aggression. Would be thieves and attackers know better than to even risk confronting the owner or the home that boasts a German Shepherd. If the situation warrants there are few breeds of dog with the bite power and strength of the German Shepherd. You can trust the safety of your home and family to a well trained German Shepherd.

Around the home the German Shepherd is capable of being a relaxed companion. They should receive adequate exercise every day through walks and play time with toys. If their coat is taken care of properly and their nutrition is seen to there can be surprisingly little shedding.  For our clients we have several recommended nutritional and feeding guidelines that can help maintain the proper coat.

According to international standards the male German Shepherd should stand at 62.5cm and the female at 57.5cm with an allowance of 2.5cm greater or smaller. The German Shepherd weighs between 65 and 95 pounds with males usually at the higher end of the spectrum and females at the lower.

We enjoy working with German Shepherds and find that a good one is worth it’s weight in gold.  While it has become harder and harder to find quality dogs (due to poor breeding practices around the world) we’re thrilled with the opportunity to work with this magnificent breed.  They are definitely the most regal out of any of the protection breeds you can find.