Custom European Puppy Importing

For those who wish to start their protection dog or sport dog off from a young puppy we offer custom importing from Europe and Latin America.  Thanks to our overseas partners we can find you the right puppy from the right breed from the right bloodlines to fit your needs.

The breeds we mainly deal with are German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers, and Dobermans although we can find puppies from other breeds ranging from Boxers, Beaucerons, and Bouviers de Flandres to Dutch Shepherds, Giant Schnauzers, and Presa Canarios.

There is nothing more cute and adorable.  There is nothing that comes with more potential than a well bred puppy imported from some of the finest bloodlines in the world.

For information on how to get your Import Puppy, contact us.

Belgian Malinois Puppy

Link is a young Belgian Malinois from strong European lines. Check out his pedigree and you will find ancestor after ancestor with working titles and many dogs that made great names for themselves. As a youngster Link is already quite a firecracker. Full of drive and energy Link would make a great candidate for a sport, personal protection, or law enforcement canine.

Link is offered at $1200 plus shipping