Trained Protection Dogs – Other Breeds

While there are many breeds that are routinely found amongst the ranks of trained protection dogs for sale there are several other breeds that can perform their job ably.  While Protege K9 specializes in the main four breeds there are several other breeds that we can custom import and train from Europe and South America for our clients.

Dutch Shepherd – The Dutch Shepherd is a seen often in military and police work.  Possessing an extreme capability for protection training the Dutch Shepherd requires a lot of exercise and needs structure and discipline for a happy life around the home.  The Dutch Shepherd is often compared to the Belgian Malinois in capability, size, and look.

Giant Schnauzer – The Giant Schnauzer, while somewhat rare in protection training circles, has been used in police and military applications.  A well trained Giant Schnauzer is very capable, very powerful, and very effective.  A protection dog Giant Schnauzer requires an owner who is firm but fair.  This breed is very dominant and tough yet they can be wonderfully affectionate and protective of their family.

Bouvier de Flandres – Don’t be fooled by the ‘teddy bear’ exterior of the Bouvier.  When called upon to protect the Bouvier is a fierce guard.  A protection trained Bouvier is not for everyone and requires and owner who is willing to be firm and vigilant.  This breed is quite rare and not found often in protection training circles.

Boxer – The Boxer is a fun loving high energy dog.  Originally bred with protective ability in mind it is difficult nowadays to find a Boxer that is capable of protection work.  Owners of protection dog Boxers need to provide a healthy outlet for their high level of energy as this breed can be prone to hyperactivity.

American Bulldog – The American Bulldog is one of the few protection dog breeds that has its roots in the United States.  Large, powerful, and formidable the American Bulldog can make a wonderful protection dog.  They are known for their ability with children and fun personality.  With the right drives combined with impressive size and strength this breed can be amazing for protecting the home.

Beauceron – French in origin the Beauceron is very rare.  Although rare the Beauceron has been used for protection work, police work, and sport work.  A well trained Beauceron is a magnificent protection dog that is very capable of guarding home and family.  This breed is often used in movies because of their fierce look yet they are highly trainable.