The reality is that most dogs, whether well trained or poorly trained, serve watch dog duties.  The job of a watch dog is to simply detect the presence of a stranger and bark.  Even many of the worst trained dogs are capable of barking at a stranger but not every dog is capable of being well-balanced and confident with their home security duties.

Protege K9 offers trained watch dogs for sale.  These are dogs that have the highest level of obedience training, possess a strong looking physical threat to operate as a visual deterrent, and also have territorial instincts that develop as the dog settles in to your home.

Many of our trained watch dogs can also receive additional training to become fully trained protection dogs.  Our trained Watchdogs are a much lower investment than our protection dogs for sale but they do not possess the training for actually apprehending a threat or any of the other advanced training that goes into our protection dogs.