Written Guarantee

The nature of protection dogs for sale is that they are only located at a handful of companies around the world.  Chances are that you will have to search out of state to find the right protection dog for your situation.

For those that are desiring our dogs from around the country or around the world it is our desire that everyone is happy and satisfied with their purchase and above all can feel comfortable that you are getting exactly what you paid for.

For that reason we have designed our written guarantee:

  • A one month unconditional guarantee.  If, for whatever reason, you aren’t satisfied with your protection dog you can get a replacement dog within one month.  Through our screening and interview process we work hard to make sure that we are placing the right dog with the right person but if the personality of your dog doesn’t match your family, the energy level doesn’t gel with your lifestyle, etc. you can get a replacement dog of equal or greater value within that month period.  This also applies to health concerns.  We encourage you to get a veterinary check-up soon after delivery of your dog and if it is determined that the dog has some sort of debilitating defect that doesn’t allow the dog to do his or her job we will replace the dog.

Our dogs come from the finest kennels from around the world.  Our training is top level.  And we back it up in writing.