KNPV Dogs as Protection Dogs

KNPV is a Dutch dog event that is unique.  Participants that are titled in KNPV are also certified by the Dutch government as being able to work in police service.

Because this is a certification for Dutch dogs it is only performed in Holland.  This sport is also dominated by the Belgian Malinois but one can find many Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds, Bouviers de Flandres, and mixed breed dogs competing in this sport.

Requirements for this discipline are high.  Dogs compete in obedience, scent work, and protection.  The exercises are geared towards police work and dogs are required to perform interesting behaviors such as swimming to apprehend a bad guy, capturing a bad guy on a bicycle, and other such training exercises.

Because this training is done with the goal of police work in mind not all KNPV dogs can go on to be protection dogs.  Many of these dogs have too much drive and would be impossible to handle by the average owner and family.  Our screening process and conversion training ensures that the KNPV dogs in our program can make a smooth transition into their new homes.