Guard Dogs and Sentry Dogs

A guard dog is different from a trained protection dog.  While ‘Guard Dog’ and ‘Protection Dog’ are two terms that are often interchanged they actually have very different meanings and connotation.

Guard dogs are very one dimensional in their purpose.  Their task is to guard a property, yard, warehouse, or other specific area.  They typically aren’t very social with humans and don’t make a good companion for the home.

Their first order of business is to frighten away intruders by barking and showing aggression.  If the display of aggression doesn’t chase off the bad guy then the guard dog or sentry dog is trained to attack once the intruder has breached the perimeter.  Because a guard dog is usually chosen for his ‘hair trigger’ and extreme territorial behavior they often live a quite solitary existence and their joy comes from keeping people away from their property.

Several breeds are chosen for guard dogs or sentry dogs including German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers, and Dobermans.  Guard dogs are suited for large estates, businesses with enclosed yards and merchandise that is prone to be stolen, and other related facilities.

While Protege K9 will work with Guard Dogs we must make the consumer aware that a Trained Guard Dog is not the right choice for family situations.  That’s not to say that some guard dogs couldn’t also be called on to be the family pet as well.  It just means that most guard dogs are able to do their job because they are highly aggressive by nature, are always looking for a ‘fight’, and are incredibly territorial.  These qualities and characteristics can make them wonderful for protecting a certain area but can often make it difficult to integrate into a quiet home lifestyle full of invited guests, entertaining, domestic staff, and more.