Trained Protection Dogs – The Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois

Often confused with the German Shepherd the Belgian Malinois is a breed unto itself.  Bred for the same purposes as the German Shepherd the Belgian Malinois has also served as a herder and protector.  Nowadays the Belgian Malinois is the breed of choice for military and police service.  They perform their duty with unequaled vigor and ability.  While you can still find plenty of German Shepherds in law enforcement and military it has become much more common, nowadays, to find the Belgian Malinois.

Although similar to the German Shepherd the Belgian Malinois has many pronounced differences.  While smaller in size the Belgian Malinois is often more powerful in bite strength and intensity when called upon for protective duties.  As a protection dog you will often see the Belgian Malinois throw himself into a protective situation without any regard for his own well being.  This dog will often hurl his entire self into an attack and hit the ‘bad guy’ with impressive force.  The Malinois is very territorial and once he has bonded with his owner is very intuitive regarding potential threats.   Because of this characteristic, though, one must be a good owner and handler and not allow this dog too much freedom in social scenarios.

For those who enjoy an affectionate dog the Belgian Malinois is a great choice.  He wants to be where you are and is perfectly content to participate in watching a movie or going for a run, just as long as it is with you.  The Malinois is an energetic dog that benefits from regular exercise and play.   Without proper exercise and attention even the best trained Malinois can turn to destruction so it’s important to have a training and exercise regimen for this breed.

The Malinois exhibits a great deal of grace and agility in movement.  He is incredibly fast and moves with an aura of dignity.  This dog often turns heads when in public.

The Malinois has shorter, finer hair than the German Shepherd.  With proper nutrition and coat care you will notice little shedding.  We have recommended guidelines for nutrition for our client’s dogs.

Males measure between 61-66cm at the withers and females 56-61.  They range in weight from 55-65 pounds for females and 65-75 pounds for males.

Many of our staff have absolutely fallen in love with the Malinois over the years.  It’s next to impossible to find another breed who will happily work as long and as hard as this breed and that quality has endeared them to us.