World Class Service

It does you no good to get a great protection dog if there is not excellent service behind the transaction.  Our service is superior and designed to exceed your expectations in three distinct areas:

Service Before the Sale

The majority of people who buy trained protection dogs are first time owners of a pre-trained dog.  For those that have never bought a trained dog the process can be daunting.  What breed to choose?  What level of training is appropriate?  What supplies are needed?  What can be expected when buying a trained dog?

Because everyone has such specific needs it is possible that we don’t have the right dog on hand.  If we don’t we will use our European and Latin American contacts to find you the right dog right away.  Because of our contacts we are able to locate the right dog for your needs, bring the dog to our training center for our training program, and deliver your new dog to you as soon as possible.

Whatever your question or concern it is our goal to provide you as much assistance as you need in order to feel comfortable that you are getting the right dog and you are at the right level of preparation for that dog.  We are readily available by phone or email to quickly answer your questions.

Personal Delivery of Your Trained Protection Dog

Our policy is personal delivery of every trained protection dog we sell.  We believe it to be irresponsible and unethical to simply ship a dog to a new home with a list of commands taped to the kennel.

That means that our prices are higher than many of our competitors and so we make it clear that if someone is looking for a ‘bargain protection dog’, we are not the right company for them.  Our clients are those looking for an advanced level of service.

Every dog is unique and every new owner has unique circumstances regarding layout of house, schedule and routine, hobbies, and protection needs.  Every Protege K9 is delivered to your home where you will spend time with our trainers helping the dog fit in with his new lifestyle.  The Protege K9 trainers will teach you how to maintain high levels of on and off leash control, will work with you to teach you how to handle your dog with protection exercises, and will devise various protection scenarios to help you feel secure that you know how to handle your dog were a threatening situation ever to arise.

Delivery to your home is included in the price (excluding travel costs) and is vital to making sure that your new dog responds to your commands with the utmost level of reliability.

Service After the Sale

Once you purchase a trained Protege K9 you are now a member of the Protege K9 family.  Whether it is next month or five years from now you can always count on us with any question, concern, or help that you may need.  We understand that you have many options when taking delivery of your trained protection dog, it is our mission to ensure the complete satisfaction of every client that has the privilege to invite one of our dogs into their home.

We aren’t the company that will refuse to take your calls if the dog peed in the house or did something else wrong.  We want to earn your business again a decade from now and we want the business of your friends.  Our service after the sale reflects that.

Our doors are always open to make sure that every client is happy with our service.