Trained Protection Dogs – The Rottweiler


Rottweilers As Protection Dogs

Few breeds possess the raw power of the Rottweiler.  Originally developed in Germany the Rottweiler was bred as a cattle drover and protector of farm and livestock.

Owners of Rottweilers will often praise the character of the breed.  They are fun loving and goofy.  They love to clown around and love to make their owners laugh.  They are devoted to their owners and home.  Children should be taught to be respectful of this breed as they don’t always enjoy the ‘abuse’ that kids dish out as other breeds may.

There are few dogs that can match the Rottweiler for guard dog and protection dog duties.  Fierce in aspect people know to not approach the Rottweiler with less than noble intentions.  Extremely territorial the Rottweiler will tell unwanted guests to move along.  In bite strength and power the Rottweiler leads the pack.

The Rottweiler is not a breed for everyone.  They require an owner who is willing to be firm but fair and that can provide proper structure.  Not all owners want or are willing to be firm solid leaders for their dogs and for those owners the Rottweiler is not best suited.  And for even others the physical size and strength of this breed makes it unsuitable for some who can’t handle such a large dog.  While our training allows any new owner to be able to handle this breed there are those for whom they would not enjoy such strength.  For example, there are those who prefer a large truck to a small sports car.  Both will get you where you want to go but they do so in different manners.

Their energy and activity level are less demanding than many other breeds and many Rottweilers are content to be couch potatoes.  Having said that, because of their strength and power this breed needs an owner who has a closer eye.  Many Rottweilers take it upon themselves to drive off everyone from the home, even though it may just be the mailman or Avon lady.

The Rottweiler has a medium, coarse coat.  With proper nutrition and coat care there is little shedding to worry about.  We give nutritional guidelines and recommendations to our clients to keep their Rottweilers in tip-top shape.

Males measure from 61-68cm at the withers and weigh in between 100-120 pounds.  Females measure 56-63cm at the withers and weigh between 85-105 pounds.

Very few bad guys want to see a Rottweiler glaring at them through a fence, from behind a window, or in a car.  Their aspect is their biggest advantage and once the neighborhood knows that a Rottweiler is in residence you are certain to be more safe.