Trained Protection Dogs – The Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman holds the distinction as being one of the only breeds ever developed solely for guard and protective duties.  The Doberman was originally bred by Friedrich Louis Dobermann, a German tax collector.  One can only imagine the battles that Dobermann entered into with the original prototype of this dog.

Few breeds exude the nobility and regal attitude that come effortlessly to the Doberman Pinscher.  Long, lean, and muscular the Doberman is a beauty to behold.  Few criminals are brave enough to risk an encounter with this breed.

Doberman owners speak of the fun personality that this breed possesses.  They love to goof around and play the clown.  Highly intelligent it is important to provide structure for this breed and to occupy their mind with exercise and activity.  For many Doberman owners they would say it is the personality that attracts them to the breed.  It is that personality that also makes them less desirable for others.  We call this breed a ‘velcro dog’ as they always seem to want to be stuck to their owners.  Many owners love the ‘lap dog’ personality they have while others want a dog who gives them more space.

In protection work the Doberman is an able guard.  Their fierce displays of aggression and powerful bite are enough to disarm would be attackers.  They have the quintessential ‘stay away’ look always plastered on their face and few people want to enter a yard or home where a visible Doberman is present and the owner is away.

With a short, coarse coat the Doberman is a ‘wash and wear’ dog.  With proper nutrition and coat care there is little shedding to worry about.  We give our clients detailed nutritional and feeding guidelines for their Dobermans.

Male Dobermans measure between 68-72cm at the withers and weigh between 88-99 pounds.  Females measure between 63-68cm and weigh between 70-77 pounds.

While this is not always the case some Dobermans can find themselves a bit more sensitive to extremes in weather.  Extreme cold or heat can be more difficult for this breed than some.

Due to poor breeding practices it has become more difficult in recent years to find working line Dobermans for family and estate protection.  Many in the field have gone into breeding this breed just for looks and show while ignoring the working ability.  We take great care in selecting dogs for their working ability and readiness to protect you and your home.