Protection Dog Structure and Conformation

There is nothing like walking your dog down the street to have people stop to ask about your dog.  What is his name?  Where did you get him?  What kind of training does he have?  Etc.

At Protege K9 we search to find dogs that are not only strong workers but also have that head turning appeal.  Not only should one expect a gorgeous creature when purchasing a pre-trained dog but it serves a function as well.  When someone views the classic and striking look of a German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, or other protection breed they are immediately reminded of all the qualities that go along with those breeds; namely protection and security.  The beautiful appearance of our protection dogs for sale only further drives home the fact that these are highly trained animals with a job to protect their owners and homes.

Certain dogs stand out even amongst gorgeous dogs.  These dogs are judged against other dogs and some of the dogs we import from Europe have even earned titles applauding them as superior physical specimens.  Dogs that have earned these titles or otherwise are viewed as beautiful representatives of their breed are more valuable to their overseas owners.  These are dogs who are more difficult to obtain for our training program and therefore cost us more.